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We provide server solutions according to your system demand

Servers are the prime part of today’s business technology infrastructure world. Without servers, IT functions would come to a halt. The Server defines the lifeline of the business, A tiny fault in the server can bother the whole organisation’s work and effort. Is your firm experiencing performance issues? Do your employees grumble against application effectiveness? Is your email system just not sufficient?  Are you scared of losing important files or data? Are you worried about the organisation’s network security? We put our years of experience to generate benefits for your organisation. Our TekyDoct representatives work really hard to ensure your organisation’s safety, reliability & success. We are problem solvers and we provide the best server solution services in Brunei. We provide the best server solution for small businesses too.


What Are The Server Solutions We Offer?

Infrastructure Solution

  • Enterprise servers.
  • Managed IT security services.
  • Managed network solutions.
  • Managed IT solutions.
  • Virtualization & cloud solution service.
  • Enterprise storage solutions.
  • Mailing solutions.
  • Data backup and DR solutions.
Infrastructure Server Solution Brunei | TekyDoct

Workforce solution

Big or small, local, or global your organization is unique for us. Our workforce suits and supports every compliance requirement, every pay rule, and every unique agreement across your employee’s population, and we provide the best cloud solution service in today and the near future also

Workforce Server Solution Brunei | TekyDoct

Industry solution

We offer effective tailor-made high quality industrial & retail development server solution for small business around the world. Our design enables our clients to increase business sales and reliability. We try to offer the best server solutions services in brunei to acquire your maximum satisfaction.

Industry Server Solution Brunei | TekyDoct

Customized Solutions For Your Business

Midmarket solution

We understand that your organisation’s success depends on solutions that are proven practically flexible. With the simplified implementation and flexible distribution, Tekydoct provide the best mid-market solutions

Design solution

Servers are the heart of the business.  The Perfect Plan, design & implementation of the server is key to generate a successful outcome. We provide a fully optimised user-friendly design solution for servers with high quality.


We have strong VMware experts to manage VMware services, so we can maintain control over every aspect of the VMware environment. We provide a fast, easy & cost-effective path to the cloud, as a result, we can expect good performance and increased downtime is almost equal to zero.

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