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TekyDoct offers Barrier Gate Brunei installation services for residential complexes and commercial spaces. Our experts suggest and help you choose the best type of barrier gate with appropriate specifications to serve your specific needs..

Boom Barriers

  • Boom barriers help restrict entry to authorized vehicles and regulate traffic. Installation of automatic boom barriers is suitable for offices, industries, apartments, parking lots etc.,
  • Boom barriers operate through push buttons/remote control systems/ RFID access systems etc.
  • Boom barriers are available in various sizes(from 2m to 8m) and types: straight arm, folding arm and fencing arm.


Boom Barrier Installation Brunei | TekyDoct

Flap Barriers

  • The flap barrier helps restrict entry to only authorized personnel. This is done with the help of card scanning or face recognition.
  • Once the person swipes their employee card, the barrier opens for an allotted time and closes automatically. Flap barriers can work with face recognition too.
  • Flap barriers are helpful in places like colleges, offices, airports etc.,
Flap Barrier Installation Brunei | System Integration | TekyDoct

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