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Best Automatic Gates Services In Brunei

TekyDoct Solutions is a Best and Leading Automatic Gate Services in Brunei,  Auto – gates are not only add tremendous curb appeal to any company or home, they also add protection for your belongings and family.

High - Secured Installation

Our driveway gates are designed and custom made for each job. We can do custom automatic driveway gates with heavy duty powder coated steel frames that either swing or slide. We provide and install for residential homes and commercial properties. Other than any Automatic Gate Services in Brunei, with every job we do, we pride ourselves of the longevity of our work and that is why we use heavy duty, easy to grease ball bearing adjustable hinges and heavy duty “V” groove sealed ball bearing roller wheels. Most all our gates are installed with commercial grade motors, but we offer the standard residential motors on the smaller less heavy and less used gates.

High secure Turnstile gate Installation Brunei | TekyDoct

Why Choose Automatic Gates?

  • TekyDoct offers auto gate  installation services for both residential and commercial premises. We assess your site, consider  your security needs and install the right type of auto gate to serve your needs.
  • Auto gates are very convenient and at same time it enhances safety and security too. You can open the gate only with a remote, switch or a card.
  • We carefully source gates of high quality standards from reliable manufacturers and we promise durability, improved security and ease of maintenance.
Sensor Smart Card Opening Automatic Gate Installation Brunei | TekyDoct

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